Free Plans

Don’t want to pay for floorplans using your hard earned cash?

Solution: Why don’t you buy our floorplans using free Bitcoins sourced from the web? Follow the below steps and you are on your way to buying items from the web for FREE!!

Step 1 : Create a Bitcoin Wallet to store your coins. You can create your wallet HERE.
Step 2 : A wallet address will be created for you. E.g. 1bBfQ2FxLAC1jZ5f13GAPKd3mkyRzwKPW. Take note of this address.
Step 3 : Click on the links below and sign up with any of the below mentioned sites giving away free coins using your bitcoin address.
Step 4 : Just complete the task given by the sites to receive free coins!


Here is a list of legitimate websites consistently giving away good amounts of FREE coins easily!

Freebitcoin – Gives away coins hourly

BTCClicks – Earn coins by viewing ads for 10 – 60 Secs

– Earn coins by viewing ads for 10 – 60 Secs

BitCoin4U – Earn coins by viewing ads for 3 mins. You can minimise the window while you do other tasks.


What is Bitcoin? Read and understand more about Bitcoins HERE

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