Frequently Asked Questions

I do not know whether I have made payment as my browser hanged or timed out on the payment page.

Please email us with your query and order number so that we can check whether the order has been processed and payment successfully made.

I did not receive the download link even after I have paid. What can I do?

Please email us with your order number and paypal receipt number so that we can manually send the link to you.


Why does SG Floorplans charge different prices for different floor plans?

Some of our floor plans are rare and difficult to procure and so command a higher value.


Does SG Floorplans accept other payment schemes besides Paypal?

We currently only accept payment via Paypal as it is user-friendly and offers security features to merchant and end-user for peace of mind.


Does SG Floorplans sell floorplans of a certain type individually? 

No, SG Floorplans only sells an entire file of floorplans for that development. This is more cost effective for professionals who may need an entire condominium’s plans for marketing purpose or for homebuyers who many want to compare different layout plans.


Does your floorplans have any measurements? Is there any way I can get them with measurements?

Our floorplans do not provide measurements. If you do need measurements, you can buy the building plan from BCA (Building And Construction Authority) which will cost you typically a $20 search fee, $25 copying fee and $3 printing fee per printout, which comes to a minimum $48. If you are just doing a typical renovation, our suggestion is to save the hassle and money, purchase a floorplan from us for only $3 and get a renovation contractor to do the measurements which are FOC.


Do I need to create a SG Floorplans account in order to use your service and download floor plans?

No. It is not necessary.


How can I be sure that the floor plans that are offered contains what I want and is a complete set?

SG Floorplans does its best to ensure that every floorplan is a complete set. For those which are not, SG Floorplans has marked them as “Brochure Only” or “Incomplete Set”. However, due to the number of floorplans at our database, SG Floorplans may miss out on certain files. Please email us your desired floor plan type or unit type to confirm whether it is in the file before purchasing.


Am I entitled to a refund if I find out that the floor plan I have purchased is not a complete set or does not have the floor plan I want?

SG Floorplan does not refund purchases made due to Paypal transaction cost. It is therefore advisable to enquire directly with us to see if the required floor plan type is present in the file before purchasing.


How do I remove the watermarks? I need unmarked plans for marketing purposes.

We regret that we are not able to remove watermarks due to business reasons. However you may request for customized watermarks in your name and handphone number for example.


Can I request for my own customized watermark?

Yes. Please email us with your request and the image file or text you would like to use for your watermark. There will be a service charge of additional 100% (2 times the listed price) for each file. (Example = If item is listed at $6, the service charge is x2 = $12)


Can I put in a special request for a non watermarked copy?

We discourage such requests as our logo watermarks are deliberately made very faint so as not to distract or affect in anyway the reading of the floor plans or content inside. This is also to improve the awareness of our service in exchange for the marked down rates. However, we do understand that some customers may require such a request in certain rare cases so we do provide this in limited quantity for an additional service charge pegged at 5 times the listed price. (Example = If item is listed at $6, the service charge is x5 = $30)

To prevent leeching, we only provide such requests if we are sure that the purchase is for personal usage and not for commercial reasons ( Such as bulk purchase to provide on an alternative website ). SG Floorplans retain the right to reject such requests without providing an explanation.

How do I make the payment for special requests?

Just send us an email with your request and SG Floorplans will email you a separate payment link.

Can I request for floorplans if SG Floorplans do not have the required floorplans that I need?

Yes, you may drop us a note on our feedback form and we will try our best to procure the floorplan for you. However, SG Floorplans does not guarantee that we may successfully accede to your request.


Do you have the floorplans in Hardcopy? Can I buy or borrow them?

We do keep stock of hardcopy brochures and most of the time, we only have one of them. Due to rarity, we do not sell them and we will only loan them to our members that are in the professional trade. However we do require a deposit and promise that you will return them in the exact same condition as when you received it from us.