Free CryptoCash

What Is Free Cryptocash?

The crypto world is now giving out free cash in the form of cryptocurrency all the time! This page serves to detail some of the most attractive offers out there from reputable sites such as crypto exchanges and crypto banks.

You can use these free cryptos and convert them into cash using the exchanges or use them to do online purchases, such as purchasing floorplans from SG Floorplans and checking out using the pay with cryptocurrency function. We accept most major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

All sites and rewards here have been verified personally by SG Floorplans. Most crypto sites published here adhere to some form of governance by adopting KYC (Know Your Customer) guidelines to prevent money laundering by criminals. The free cryptos offered were claimed by SG Floorplans after conditions were fulfilled. In some of the sites, the crypto assets are also still generating rewards for SG Floorplans in the form of dividend payouts paid out daily including the compounding interest.

If you are not in the crypto world now receiving these rewards, you are definitely missing out! Everyday, free cryptocurrency is being deposited into numerous accounts all over the world and new crypto-millionaires are being minted weekly.

Its unlikely this trend of free cryptocash will continue in the foreseeable future where crypto users hit their saturation point. It is likely to stop once crypto companies do not see the need to entice new users to their platforms with free cryptos or high rewards.

If you are still on the fence, the time to act would be now!



If you have never heard of Decentralised Finance, it is all the rage right now! Decentralised Finance or Defi in short, is the crypto community’s attempt to replicate major financial instruments and shift users away from centralised institutions such as traditional banks, stock exchanges, electronic payment wallets, just to name a few. As the success of cryptocurrency is always about taking away control from one person or institution and giving control to the community at large, Defi holds mass appeal.

One of the rising players in this space is CakeDEFI, which is founded and registered in Singapore in 2019. The founders, both crypto millionaires, are also behind the DEFIchain blockchain token (DFI) that powers the decentralised finance ecosystem. The concept of CakeDEFI is “baking cashflow with your crypto while you sleep”, an obvious take that cryptos should be an instrument for passive income. Cryptos from depositors are put in community pools to generate rewards that ae shared among all users in the pool. The cryptos from the pool are assigned for liquidity mining, staking and lending, all generating different APYs (Annual Percentage Yields) for different risk and investment appetites.

CakeDEFI Sign up bonus

Claim your Free USD30 when you create an account and transfer USD50 worth of cryptocurrency to the CakeDEFI platform. To be eligible to receive USD30 instead of USD20 if you sign up by yourself, use our referral code here



Nexos is one of the largest global crypto banks giving out daily compounded interest for all major cryptocurrencies. During special promos for specific coins, they also give out interest as high as 20%! How Nexos earn their profit is through loans similarly to traditional banks. By getting users to deposit cryptos with them, they can lend out coins, charging higher interest to borrowers and therefore giving back some to depositors and pocketing the difference.

Claim your Free USD25 when you create an account and deposit or purchase USD100 worth of any cryptocurrency on Nexos platform. To be eligible for this promo, use our referral code here



Gemini is the best place to trade crypto as it offer 10 free withdrawals a month from your Gemini wallet to your other wallets. Most providers charge a transaction fee when you withdraw cryptos so this is a must-have if you plan on regularly buying cryptos and sending them to different websites or exchanges to receive the most APYs and rewards. On top of that, its trading fees are really low, starting from 0.25% per trade if you use the Activetrader mode. Its coin prices might not be the lowest out there but the savings from its 10 free withdrawals a month as well as its tiny trading fees are worth it!

Claim your Free USD10 in Bitcoin when you create an account using our referral link and trade USD100 worth of cryptocurrency on Gemini platform within the first 30 days of account creation. To be eligible for this promo, use our referral code here



Coinbase is one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the world right now. Listed on the US Nasdaq in 2021, its market cap of 65 billion makes it even larger than some of the most famous traditional banks in the world, such as Barclays, UBS and Credit Suisse. Its large size, public owned status, plus the company being headquartered in the US, with one of the strictest crypto  governance in the would, makes this one of the strongest platforms you can safely keep your crypto assets in. SG Floorplans has been keeping crypto assets in Coinbase since 2012 and therefore can vouch for its security and safety.

However, due to reasons above, it is also not as easy to trade assets, especially smaller cap cryptos on Coinbase compared to some of the other platforms here. You should still open a coinbase account and wallet though, due to its numerous and quite regular coin drops where newer entrants listing on Coinbase give out free coins to gain attention to their coins.

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