V360Property, Virtual Tour Provider in Singapore Releases Botanic Gardens Virtual Tour to Generate More Local Interest to Visit Attraction

V360Property, a virtual tour provider based in Singapore, today released a Botanic Gardens Virtual Tour on their portal. The interactive virtual tour, playable on smartphone devices, transports users to the wonderful attraction that few locals actually think about visiting. Interactive virtual tours are basically walkthroughs that users can actually pan or zoom in on their desired spots, giving users an immersive experience.

“It is hoped that by using this virtual tour, online users will be able to explore the gardens at the comfort of their home or on the move and be enthralled to want to visit the actual thing,” Dave Teo, one of the co-founders of V360Property explains. The Botanic gardens, despite boasting over 150 years of history, beautiful wide open spaces and natural landscape and features many species of plants and tress often not found in other parts of the nation, is never really on the thoughts of young working Singaporeans who would rather visit the numerous repetitive shopping malls creeping up all over the country.

Virtual tours looks set to give some of these forgotten attractions of Singapore a timely boost. “We will try to add more upcoming virtual tours, to parts of Singapore not normally seen by most. Friends will also be able to share these virtual tours on social media such as Facebook to further increase interest,” Dave Added.

Source – PR.Com

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